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Lock It Down
Music: Peter Scollin  Key: Am  Tempo (bpm) ca.: 145 Measure: 4/4 binary
Genre: Rock  Style: Song  
Chords: A Am Am7 Am7  C Cj D D/F# D7sus9 E E/G# Em F Fj G G6 G7sus9
 | Am    C   | D/F#    F E| Am    C   | D/F#  |Am        C                   |D/F#                          |Am        C                   |D/F#                          | 
  | Am    C   | D/F#    F E| Am    C   | D/F#  |Am        C                   |D/F#                          |Am        C                   |D/F#                          | 
  | Am    C   | D/F#    Am   | Am  |Am        C                   |D/F#      Am                  |Am                            | 
  It's | D  twelve a.m. I'm in my |dressing gown, no | D7sus9  point in rushing |off to town.|D                             |                              |D7sus9                        |                              | 
  | Am7  Lost my job and I |wear a frown, I| D  feel so trapped I'm |so locked down.|Am7                           |                              |D                             |                              | 
  It's | G  some consolation that I'm |not alone, | G7sus9  many understand my com|plaining tone.||G                             |                              |G7sus9                        |                              |                              | 
  | Em  Many of us suffer have to |stay at home, I | A  don't even bother my |hair to comb. | A  |Em                            |                              |A                             |                              |A                             | 
  The | D  smell of the greasepaint the |roar of the crowd, | D7sus9  being up on stage I used to |be so proud.|D                             |                              |D7sus9                        |                              | 
  Per| Am7  forming for people is no |longer allowed, it's | D  all those aerosoles |when we shout.|Am7                           |                              |D                             |                              | 
 | G  miss the excitement and the |nervousness, there's | G7sus9  something healthy about |being in stress.|G                             |                              |G7sus9                        |                              | 
 | Em  miss smiling audiences tears in their eyes, | A  touching people e|motional ties.| A  |Em                            |A                             |                              |A                             | 
  | Am  Down,  C  down, | D/F#  down,  F   E  my | Am  soul's in a  C  state of | D/F#  lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-|Am        C                   |D/F#      F         E         |Am        C                   |D/F#                          | 
  lock | Am  down,  C  down, | D/F#  down,  F   E  my | Am  soul's in a  C  state of | D/F#  lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-|Am        C                   |D/F#      F         E         |Am        C                   |D/F#                          | 
  lock | Am  down,  C  down, | D/F#  down, lock it  Am  down!| Am  |Am        C                   |D/F#      Am                  |Am                            | 
  There's a | Fj  virus spreading it's beyond our control,| Em  eating away and destroying our souls.|Fj                            |Em                            | 
  We've | Fj  locked our windows and |closed our doors, e| Em  rected borders and |made new laws.|Fj                            |                              |Em                            |                              | 
  | Fj  Virus spreads east | G6  virus spreads west, | Fj  we're all inside the | G6  cuckoo's nest.|Fj                            |G6                            |Fj                            |G6                            | 
  | Fj  Are we in a new wave | Cj  are we at the crest? The | Cj  whole wide  Fj  world being | G6  put to the  E/G#  test!|Fj                            |Cj                            |Cj        Fj                  |G6        E/G#                | 
  | Am  Down,  C  down, | D/F#  down,  F   E  my | Am  soul's in a  C  state of | D/F#  lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-|Am        C                   |D/F#      F         E         |Am        C                   |D/F#                          | 
  lock | Am  down,  C  down, | D/F#  down,  F   E  my | Am  soul's in a  C  state of | D/F#  lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-|Am        C                   |D/F#      F         E         |Am        C                   |D/F#                          | 
  lock | Am  down,  C  down, | D/F#  down. Lock it  Am  down!| Am  |Am        C                   |D/F#      Am                  |Am                            | 
 | D  want to meet real people I'm so |sick of Zoom, it's | D7sus9  unsatisfying even in |chat rooms|D                             |                              |D7sus9                        |                              | 
  | Am7   Need to touch others and |be embraced, we're | D  human members of the |human race.|Am7                           |                              |D                             |                              | 
 | G  need to travel need to |move around, but | G7sus9  even my home country is |out of bounds.|G                             |                              |G7sus9                        |                              | 
  I used to | Em  take it for granted and |jump on a plane. | A  Give me my jab make |let me fly again!| A  |Em                            |                              |A                             |                              |A                             | 
  (4x)|: Am  Down,  C  down, | D/F#  down,  F   E  my | Am  souls in a  C  state of | D/F#  lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo- :||Am        C                   |D/F#      F         E         |Am        C                   |D/F#                          |                              | 
  lock | Am  down,  C  down, | D/F#  down, lock it  Am  down!|Am        C                   |D/F#      Am                  | 


Lock It Down (Chords)

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